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The only thing she really wants is for someone to see her clearly and love her, flaws and all.


Jossalyn Kane has a special talent for making people, world-wide, fall in love with her. She’s the daughter of Magnus Kane, the little sister of superstar Finnegan, and happens to be a renowned runway model. Or at least she was, until recently. Once her career in high fashion hit the skids, Joss was forced to look elsewhere to earn her living. She turned to being a brand ambassador and doing a series of marketing advertisements for a cosmetics company. But she’s not pleased with the results. She can’t help but think of how she could improve and is constantly riddled with insecure feelings of self-doubt. Those only intensify when she meets Quentin Travers.


Quentin is a freelance photojournalist who’s looking to transition out of the athletics market and dive into wedding-related events. He’s taken a gamble by tossing his resume into the mix, praying that Samantha Mulligan and Finnegan Kane will ask him to photograph their nuptials. But when he arrives at the Kane’s compound for his interview with Samantha and begins critiquing Jossalyn’s latest work, he finds that his inability to keep his thoughts to himself has once again landed him in hot water.


He's certain that after spouting his opinions and digging himself into this hole by insulting Jossalyn Kane, he’s got no chance of getting offered the wedding gig, so Quentin pushes forward and gets back to work snapping photos of athletes. But when a last-minute flight cancellation strands both he and Jossalyn at the Nashville Airport, will Quentin be able to make amends? And will Joss be willing to help this stranger whose callous words cut her to the quick? Or will she fly away in her family’s private jet and leave Quentin to figure out what to do next all on his own?


Find out by reading Majestically Married: The Supermodel and the Man Who Misunderstood Her.


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Majestically Married: The Supermodel and the Man Who Misunderstood Her

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