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         One person alone has a wealth of knowledge, but that experience must be shared. Conversations need to happen. Discussions should be facilitated. Teachers must be allowed to talk. Those truths that we explore during our conferences with one another--the highs, the lows, and the days when no one wants to get out of bed-- can be best shared with a friend who has been there and knows the trials, too.

            To that end, I present If Teachers Could Talk. This resource should be used as a guidebook for those looking to learn more about the education field. Throughout this work, the reader will find bits of advice that have been run through the crucible and lived to be worthy of sharing. Sprinkled in will be real stories, with details that can only be true because in some cases, they will be so improbable the reader may want to believe they are being spun a yarn. But stick with me, dear friends, as I put down the Smart Board markers, step away from the laptop, and present to you the hard-won lessons from my years in education.


Included within, you will find:

Anecdotes and advice presented in easy-to-read chapters

Let’s Talk: Discussion Starters for each chapter

Mentoring Activities/Checklists for each month of a school year


Administrators: Download this resource and share it with your teachers. Mentors: Use this book to help guide your first-year teacher through the struggles and hardships they are bound to face. Department Chairs: Give this book to your colleagues and encourage them to read, then discuss the topics within. There are so many ways to use this one little book and I hope that you’ll peruse the preview and consider adding this resource to your bookshelf.


Listen to the first chapter, read aloud by the author.

If Teachers Could Talk

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