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Riley Roundtree Bakes a batch of cookies

Sometimes, Riley Roundtree goes on grand adventures with her friends and family members, but on other days, she stays at home. Even when she's just spending time with her family at the house, she learns something new. Today, Riley helps Aunt Aggie bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Yummy!

Riley Roundtree Practices Positivity

Everyone needs to hear a few positive words now and again. Riley Roundtree and her friends are no exception. Led by their teacher, Ms. Jannero, Riley and the other students must say something positive about themselves and practice doing self-affirmations. Share this social story with your students or your children so they can find the healing power in saying something nice about themselves.

Riley Roundtree Flies in an Airplane

Meet Riley Roundtree. She's a curious and clever little lady. Sometimes, she goes on grand adventures with her close friends and family members. By asking loads of questions, Riley explores the world around her. This first book in the Riley Roundtree series, Riley Roundtree Flies in an Airplane, shows step-by-step a real-life scenario and walks children through what it might be like to take their first flight. Soar with Riley and prepare your students or kids for their own amazing journey.

Riley Roundtree Visits the Zoo

Join Riley Roundtree as she, Aunt Aggie, Uncle Archie, and Cousin Quinn explore the wonders of the zoo. She visits the sea lions, feeds the rainbow lorikeets, and even growls like a tiger. This learning adventure is one which Riley will not soon forget. Share this story with your favorite kid and prepare them for what to expect before making their next visit to a local zoo.

Riley Roundtree Sets the Table

Sometimes, Riley Roundtree goes on grand adventures with her close friends and family members. But on other days, she stays home and tries to be a big helper. On this day, Riley and her older cousin Zeke set the table so the whole family can enjoy a feast together. Share this story with a little one who is just learning to do chores and take responsibility. #socialstory #educationalvideo #RileyRoundtree

Riley Roundtree Goes to School

The first day of school can be challenging. There are so many questions to ask and many things to learn. Join Riley Roundtree as she enters her classroom and meets her teacher and friends. Right away, she is taught several daily routines. But with a little assistance from those around her, Riley goes from feeling nervous to excited. And by the time the school day begins, she can’t wait to continue her learning adventures at school.

Riley Roundtree Vacations in Hawaii

Going on vacation and visiting someplace new can be difficult for little ones. Help your little ones prepare for their great journey by sharing Riley’s newest adventure with them. In this book, Riley Roundtree Vacations in Hawaii, this curious and clever little lady enjoys spending time with her family, but also learns plenty of new things along the way. This social story is perfect to present before students go away for winter break, spring break, or summer vacation.

Riley Roundtree Explores a Plantation

While on vacation with her family, Riley explores a plantation. She learns about different types of fruit and how the plants are harvested. Join Riley on another one of her grand adventures.

Riley Roundtree Takes a Field Trip

Even the simplest tasks can be daunting. In this book, Riley Roundtree and her friends go on a field trip together. They must begin by choosing their field trip buddies. Then, they ride the bus. Finally, they arrive at a festival where they get to look at hot air balloons and identify all the colors they can see. Riley learns a great deal about following directions and being brave today. She ends up having a whole lot of fun and learning a little, too.

Riley Roundtree Walks Around the Neighborhood

It’s time for Riley Roundtree to get some fresh air and exercise. Accompanied by her grandmother, papaw, and cousin Quinn, Riley walks around her neighborhood. This adventure includes learning about signs, seeing local wildlife, and being safe and careful while out and about. Join Riley for this new and fun experience.

Riley Roundtree's Alphabet and Sight Words Workbook

Every day is a great day to learn something new. Riley and her friends like learning new words and phrases. And, they are always trying to get better at making their letters. Use this handy workbook with your students in the classroom, when you need a quick substitute teacher lesson plan, or if extra practice is required for homework. Just print and present!

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