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Summer Love. Summer Ball. The summer she almost had it all.


This summer, Kate Kellner is firing on all cylinders. She was offered the chance to play summer softball with the Weatherfield Trailblazers, she’s reconciled with her best friend, Ty, and with Grady by her side, she feels like anything’s possible. But this outlook on life only takes her so far. After all, she can’t just become a new person overnight.


Grady’s looking forward to spending a relaxing and lazy summer with Kate. He plans to work during the day, watch her softball games at night, and spend every available hour left just soaking up the sun and living his best life. The thought of going to college in the fall always lingers at the back of his mind, but he doesn’t let it get him down. He’s making a solid effort to stay positive about everything, especially his fledgling relationship with Kate. But…it’s tough to be the one who always brings the sunshine.


The summer begins well enough, but when Kate realizes that she’s not the best pitcher on her team, she feels the pressure to double down and work even harder than before. Gone are all the carefree thoughts of lounging by the pool with Grady. With their schedules and obligations pulling them in different directions, Kate and Grady get a clear picture of what might be in store for them when he heads off to Felding University. Can they really stay together if they never get to see each other? Is this summer romance doomed to fail?


Find out by reading Kate Kellner Throws a Filthy Drop Curve.


#Youngadult #Sports #Softball #Romance #Comingofage #LoveTriangle #Oppositesattract

Kate Kellner Throws a Filthy Drop Curve

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