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A little competition never hurts anybody.


Kate Kellner swears that she and Grady Hughes have what it takes to maintain a strong relationship. She can feel it in her bones. They’re meant to be together. But she knows keeping up with him and making time to see each other isn’t going to be a walk in the park. They’re both going to need to make sacrifices. She may have to dial back on some of her softball workouts, and he’ll have to leave campus every so often to drive back to Farrington. Letting go and stepping back is easier said than done when star athlete, Rosita Cruz Alvarez begins attending Farrington High School and she doesn’t try to hide the fact that she wants Kate’s starting spot in the lineup.


Grady barely has a second to adjust to his new life at Felding University when an old friend from the past, Adrienne Gladwell, appears. She’s thrilled to see him and can’t wait to pick up right where they left off before he and his family moved away from San Antonio. Grady knows he should tell Kate about running into his ex-girlfriend, but he doesn’t want to worry her. She’s got enough on her mind as it is. He decides to keep this new information to himself. But, when Kate comes to visit Grady and realizes that things at Felding aren’t exactly what he made them out to be, there’s trouble.


Will Kate forgive Grady for keeping secrets? Can Grady find a way to make his relationship with Kate flourish rather than fail when he’s juggling classes, working in a research lab, and making new friends at school? Or…is it time for Kate and Grady to finally admit defeat?


Find out by reading the final book in this trilogy…KATE KELLNER THROWS A PERFECT GAME.


#Youngadult #Sports #Softball #Romance #Comingofage #LoveTriangle #Oppositesattract

Kate Kellner Throws a Perfect Game

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