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Sometimes, Riley Roundtree goes on grand adventures with her close friends and family members. But on other days, she stays home and tries to be a big helper. On this day, Riley and her older cousin Zeke set the table so the whole family can enjoy a feast together. Share this story with a little one who is just learning to do chores and take responsibility. #socialstory #educationalvideo #RileyRoundtree

Included in this resource, you will find:

- The read aloud storybook

- Identifying Key Details Worksheets

- Understanding Craft and Structure Handouts

- A Writing Activity

- Reviewing the Plot and Sequence of Events Worksheets

- And many more fun and educational items

Please download the preview and consider introducing Riley Roundtree to your students.


*** This file is only available for purchase in a PDF format.

*** Some of the worksheets are accompanied by Answer Keys. Review the table of contents preview page for further information on this topic.

*** There is an animated and narrated version of Riley's book available.


Riley Roundtree Sets the Table

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