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It’s time for Riley Roundtree to get some fresh air and exercise. Accompanied by her grandmother, papaw, and cousin Quinn, Riley walks around her neighborhood. This adventure includes learning about signs, seeing local wildlife, and being safe and careful while out and about. Join Riley for this new and fun experience.


Included in this resource, you will find:

- The read aloud storybook

- Identifying Key Details Worksheets

- Understanding Craft and Structure Handouts

- A Writing Activity

- Reviewing the Plot and Sequence of Events Worksheets

- And many more fun and educational items


Please download the preview and consider introducing Riley Roundtree to your students.



*** This file is only available for purchase in a PDF format.

*** Some of the worksheets are accompanied by Answer Keys. Review the table of contents preview page for further information on this topic.

*** There is an animated and narrated version of Riley's book.

Riley Roundtree Walks Around the Neighborhood

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