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They’re better together, but will their secrets keep them apart?


Missy Lawrence prides herself on being a loyal and trustworthy pal, the kind of person anybody would be lucky to call their best bud. She places a premium on her friendships, investing all the time she has at her disposal in making sure her closest companions know just how much she appreciates and treasures them. But when circumstances separate her from the man she once loved so dearly, the distance washes away what they had and she’s stuck wondering what became of him.


Nathan Hamilton is thrilled to be returning to Charlotte after all this time. He’s coming back to town for a work conference, but he’s not just there on business. He’s got other ideas, too. It’s been thirteen long years since he last saw Missy and he can’t wait to meet up with her, listen to the sound of her voice, and just hold her in his arms once again. He relishes the idea of rekindling the closeness they once had.


But thirteen years is a long time to go without speaking to one another. A lot has happened since they last said goodbye. Nate’s got secrets and Missy does, too. Will she tell him why she acted uncharacteristically and just sort of let go of their relationship? And will he reveal the circumstances that have prevented him from reviving their romance long ago? Or will time have eroded all that once lay between them, leaving Missy and Nathan both wondering where they went wrong and how they could’ve lost touch when it’s so easy to stay connected?


Find out by reading the conclusion in the Missy Lawrence Trilogy…Meet Me at Blessed Creek.


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Meet Me at Blessed Creek: Book Three in the Missy Lawrence Trilogy

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