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"Exceed. Excel. Survive."

The motto belonging to the Kane family is stamped proudly on their crest which hangs in pride of place on the gates leading to the expansive home they share. But people around the world recognize those words as well because they appear regularly on the television network that is owned and operated by Magnus Kane, the patriarch of the family. Magnus and his children seek to expand their thriving empire, whilst enthralling the masses. And even though they are wildly successful in most of their endeavors, they must still acknowledge the hardships destiny diverts in their directions.

In book one of the series, Finnegan Kane, the eldest son, is tasked with finding his bride. But his situation is unusual. He's been in love with the same woman, Samantha Mulligan, for eight years. When she refuses to marry him, he attempts to find another by becoming the lead contestant on the reality TV show entitled Royally Engaged.

In book two, Majestically Married, Magnus' lovely daughter, Jossalyn, steps into the spotlight. She's battling to maintain her career as a model and is surprised when she finds herself intrigued by the charms of a photographer who, at first, isn't quite so nice or cordial.

The series continues when the last of the Kane children seek out their future happiness. Jasen Kane is the main character in the book entitled The Princely Prize. He has a unique experience in that he instantly falls in love with Helene Bouras. But from that first fantastic moment onward, nothing is easy for either of them. She wants what he might not be able to give and he can't and won't abandon his family when they need him the most.

Book four follows Balor Kane, Magnus' nephew. He grew up with the Kane children, but when his own father and Magnus had a falling out years ago, he had to leave his cousins behind. Now that his father has passed away, Balor and his mother return to Nashville and Kanedy Productions. He's looking to do his job well and settle in with his family members, renewing the closeness they once shared. But is seems everyone else in his life has other ideas. Join Balor, and the rest of the Kane family members, in Eminently Engaged.

For a frothy bit of romance and fun, read the Kanedy Productions Series.

The Kanedy Productions Series Omnibus Collection

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